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A Journey Of No Return At Freedom City; Over Eight Reported Dead


Over eight people have been confirmed dead following an incident of rush and neglect that occurred at Freedom City Mall, Namasuba as several people had travelled to enjoy and usher in 2023.

According to eye witnesses, people had gathered to welcome the New Year. There was joy, fan, merrymaking and people seemed happy but it turned out to being a night full of sorrow and tears as some of the people who had gathered to usher 2023 lost their lives and others left with severe injuries.

When it clocked midnight, thousands of people fought so hard to go and witness fireworks display outside the City’s skyline through a small-tiny gate.


Unfortunately, the gate was too small to accommodate all those who wanted to witness the fireworks display. So, it was a journey of no return to some and others left the venue wounded.

According to the latest report, the event organizer better known as Abtex Promotions, has been jailed because relatives of those who perished have continued to seek for justice.


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