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ADF Mass Killing At Lhubirira Secondary School, Mpondwe; Death Toll Raises To 70

Where the massacre happened

Uganda is currently reeling from a devastating tragedy that has sent shockwaves throughout the country and East African region. The heinous act of violence occurred at Lhubirira Secondary School in Mpondwe, Kasese district, where a group of ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) rebels launched a horrifying attack on innocent students.

The incident has claimed the lives of over 70 students, leaving the nation in deep mourning. As authorities scramble to conduct investigations and bring the perpetrators to justice, the Minister of State for Education, Honorable JC Muyingo, and the permanent Secretary, Ms. Kity Lamaro, arrived on the scene to assess the situation and offer support.

The ADF rebels infiltrated Lhubirira Secondary School, instigating a wave of terror that will forever haunt the memory of the community. Tragically, the rebels targeted the boys’ dormitory, which was locked, and set it ablaze. As the flames engulfed the building, those trapped inside faced an unimaginable fate.

Meanwhile, the girls’ dormitory was left unlocked, allowing the rebels to enter and systematically carry out their grisly mission. The assailants callously targeted the girls, cutting them down one by one. Even those who attempted to seek refuge by climbing to the ceiling were met with a horrific end as they were burnt alive.

Masses running for their lives
Masses running for their lives

Desperation gripped the remaining boys, who managed to evade the initial attack. Approximately 30 of them were forced by the rebels to transport posho, a staple food in Uganda. Sadly, their journey ended in tragedy as their lifeless bodies were discovered across the border. The total death toll now stands at over 70 students, a devastating loss that has left the nation mourning for the promising lives cut short.

Upon learning of this unspeakable act, Minister of State for Education Honorable JC Muyingo and the permanent Secretary Ms. Kity Lamaro wasted no time in visiting the scene of the tragedy. Their presence signifies the government’s commitment to addressing this horrific incident and providing support to the affected community. Recognizing the severity of the situation, the authorities have taken the necessary steps to close the school temporarily, allowing for comprehensive investigations to take place.

In the wake of this brutal attack, Ugandan authorities have launched an extensive investigation into the incident. The aim is to uncover the truth, identify the culprits, and ensure that justice is served. The hunt for the ADF rebels responsible for this atrocity is ongoing, as security forces collaborate to bring the perpetrators to account for their heinous actions. It is imperative that those responsible for this horrific act face the full force of the law, providing some solace to the grieving families and the wider community.

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