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Alien Skin Confesses To Being Occupied With Music And Limited Time For Social Media Management


Ugandan dancehall singer and songwriter Alien Skin, known by his real name Mulwana Patrick, shared insights into his hectic schedule during a press interview. The talented artist admitted to being occupied with his music career and revealed his limited availability for managing his social media pages.

Alien Skin, who has gained significant popularity for his unique sound, emphasized that he dedicates most of his time to his craft. In the interview, he disclosed that TikTok is the only platform he personally manages, while other social media accounts are delegated to a team of professionals.

Alien Skin opened up about his demanding schedule, which has left him with little time to actively engage with his fans on various social media platforms. With the pressures and commitments that come with being a successful musician, he finds it challenging to dedicate sufficient time to manage all his online accounts personally. However, he acknowledged the importance of maintaining an online presence and connecting with his fan base.

Dancehall singer, Alien skin
Dancehall singer, Alien skin

In light of his packed schedule, Alien Skin has entrusted the responsibility of managing his social media accounts to a dedicated team of professionals. While he acknowledges the significance of platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, he has made the conscious decision to focus his limited time and energy on TikTok. This choice allows him to maintain a direct connection with his fans through entertaining and engaging short videos.

Alien Skin expressed his affinity for TikTok, explaining that it resonates with his artistic style and allows him to showcase his talent effectively. As a dancehall artist, the platform’s emphasis on short, visually captivating content aligns well with his musical expression. By personally managing his TikTok account, he ensures that fans receive an authentic and unfiltered glimpse into his life, creativity, and performances.

During the interview, Alien Skin revealed that he made a difficult decision to pursue his passion for music instead of continuing his studies, as his parents had desired. He confessed that while his parents wished for him to further his education, his love for becoming a mechanic and his burning desire to pursue music took precedence. His dedication to his craft and the sacrifices he has made are evident in the high-quality music he produces.

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