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Alien Skin’s Quest For Freedom; From The Music Industry To Politics


Renowned singer and songwriter Alien Skin, best known for his evocative music and thought-provoking lyrics, recently dropped a bombshell on his fans and the press. In a candid conversation with the media, he revealed that he is currently missing the freedom he had before joining the music industry.

Even more surprising, Alien Skin disclosed his intention to step away from the music scene by December 2023, with aspirations to embark on a new journey in politics. He shared his vision of creating a political mobilization platform to support his ambitions, signifying a significant shift in his career path.

Alien Skin, whose real name is George Pappas, has enjoyed a successful career in the music industry, captivating audiences worldwide with his unique blend of electronic, ambient, and alternative music. However, behind the scenes, the artist has been wrestling with a growing sense of dissatisfaction and a longing for the freedom he once had.

In a recent press interview, Alien Skin explained, “While I have cherished my time as a musician and the opportunities it has brought me, the industry can be stifling. It’s often a world dominated by commercial pressures and creative compromises. I miss the days when I could express myself without any external constraints.”

singer, Alien Skin
singer, Alien Skin

As he grappled with these feelings of unrest, Alien Skin found solace in the idea of joining politics. He sees this transition as an opportunity to make a tangible difference and fight for the values he holds dear. His plan to step into the political arena marks a significant shift from the world of music.

Alien Skin announced his intention to establish a political mobilization platform that will serve as the foundation for his political journey. He stated, “I am committed to a peaceful and progressive political agenda, and I believe my experiences as a songwriter have prepared me to communicate effectively with a wide audience. Through this platform, I aim to engage with like-minded individuals and build a movement that can bring about positive change.”

Alien Skin’s decision to venture into politics has garnered mixed reactions from his fans and peers. While some have expressed surprise at the unexpected transition, others have applauded his determination to follow his heart and use his influence for a broader purpose.

The artist has already begun to assemble a team of advisors and supporters to help him navigate the world of politics successfully. He understands the challenges that lie ahead, from fundraising to campaigning and policy development, but he remains undeterred in his mission.

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