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Amira Lied Much About Me On Social Media; Amber Ray Affirmed

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Kenyan socialite Faith Makau well-known as Amber Ray revealed the secret she had kept for a long time involving her ill-fated threesome relationship with Jimal Roho Safi and his wife then, Amira.

Amber Ray and Amira were all loved by Kenyan businessman Jimal Roho Safi. So, the two were definitely co-wives. For a long time, social media users have been thinking that Amber Ray hated her co-wife then.

Amber Ray and Amira lived in different houses but within the same estate and the two had a bitter encounter while living in the estate. While responding to a question of why she hates Amira asked by an online user, the socialite revealed that she doesn’t hate anyone but Amira lied about her on social media.


“Honestly, I don’t hate anyone but she lied much about me on social media and honestly life is just funny sometimes and I can’t help myself but laugh,” Amber Ray affirmed. 


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