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Anerlisa Muigai Advises Diana Marua To Keep Her Past Private

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Entrepreneur, socialite, and social media influencer Keroche Anerlisa Muigai advises Diana Marua wife to Kenyan singer Bahati to keep her past and all the worthless life that she lived to herself because not everyone should get to know somebody’s past.

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“Nothing against Diana, I am one of the people who admire her as a mum but why the need to come out right now. Sad truth is that people will go straight to the body count. My point of view is that, I think after being a mother and having a man who has accepted all your flaws, this kind of information should be kept private,” Anerlisa Muigai wrote.

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Diana Marua

It’s over a year now since Diana Marua released a video of herself confessing to have dated multiple men for money before meeting Bahati. The video has again surfaced on social media leaving various netizens with different conclusions.

In the video, Diana Marua expressed her feelings saying she could date guys for money at some point in her life because she lacked the whole of her life yet all she needed was a good life and good living.

To Anerlisa Muigai such a confession was uncalled for, Diana Marua was to keep such information or statement to herself because people can get to view her differently. She even advised Diana to tell a story referring to friends when she needs her past to be heard.

“Your past sometimes can get people viewing you differently even if it’s to help and if you really want to the story use a friend as a reference, the message will be heard,” Anerlis Muigai advises Diana.


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