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Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu Advocates Traditional Marriage Values At Royal Wedding


In a ceremony that brought together tradition, royalty, and religious values, Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu delivered a powerful message during the wedding ceremony of King William Gabula Nadiope IV and Queen Jovia Mutesi at “Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe.” While celebrating the union of the Isebantu and Inhebantu of the Busoga Kingdom, Archbishop Mugalu took the opportunity to emphasize traditional marriage values and express his views on the topic of homosexuality.

During his address, Archbishop Mugalu reiterated his belief in the sanctity of traditional marriage, emphasizing that it is a sacred union ordained by God. He underscored the importance of the union being between one man and one woman, echoing traditional values that have been upheld throughout history.

The Archbishop’s words resonated with thousands of attendees, as he spoke passionately about the significance of the union between a man and a woman. Archbishop Mugalu employed a unique analogy to drive home his point, stating that even in the animal kingdom, creatures follow a natural order when it comes to mating.

Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu uniting Isebantu and Inhebantu
Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu uniting Isebantu and Inhebantu

He highlighted the behavior of male cockroaches seeking out female counterparts and drew a parallel with the natural tendencies of roosters pursuing hens. The Archbishop argued that if other living beings, including insects and animals, adhere to a heterosexual pairing, it raises questions about why humans would deviate from what he views as the established order set by God.

Archbishop Mugalu’s comments on homosexuality were delivered in the context of his commitment to upholding traditional values. In his view, the wedding ceremony was not only a celebration of the union between King William Gabula Nadiope IV and Queen Jovia Mutesi but also an opportunity to reinforce the importance of maintaining cultural and religious norms. His remarks were received with both support and criticism, reflecting the ongoing societal debate surrounding these issues.

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