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Bahati And His Wife Diana Marua Share Kisses And Love In Dubai

Bahati and Diana

Kenyan celebrity couple consisting of renowned singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua also known as Diana Bahati, are enjoying their sweet vacation and each moment together in Dubai.

Bahati and his wife are among the most popular celebrity couples in Kenya and they have always shared their sweet memories together online, something that has kept their relevancy and trend in Kenya.

At the moment, Bahati and Diana Marua are in Dubai where their enjoying each moment together. The celebrity couple travelled to Dubai after securing a new Ambassadorial role in Dubai’s tourism.

Through his timeline, Bahati revealed that his baby mama, Diana has requested him to acquire a home for her in Dubai. This simply portrays that Diana Marua has fallen in love with Dubai and not ready to fly back to Kenya.

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