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Bahati And His Wife, Diana Marua Spotted In A Helicopter In The Skies Of Nairobi


Renowned Kenyan singer and song writer Kevin Kioko well-known as Bahati surprised his wife, Diana Marua also known as Diana Bahati to a helicopter ride in the skies of Nairobi, Kenya. Bahati is also known to be the husband and the father to Diana’s children.

The lover birds on several attempts have always fed online users with series of photos and videos of their love-life. Bahati and Diana their also an inspiration couple to most of the young couples in Kenya.

Despite the fact that the celebrity couple has usually received insults from bloggers and online users especially after many learnt that Diana is older than the renowned Kenyan singer, Bahati, they have consistently criticized this relationship. As Bahati is always cautioned to look into searching a young and sexy lady.

Bahati and his wife, Diana in a helicopter
Bahati and his wife, Diana in a helicopter

However, the couple seems to have chosen giving the critics a deaf eye and living a happy life together. Bahati on several occasions has always been spotted with Diana in different places, the couple also travel and tour together often.

Even though the Bahati and Diana have continued enjoying cozy moments together, the celebrity couple hasn’t forgotten their parental duties and responsibilities. They have managed to balance between the celebrity and family life, as they have always shared photos of themselves with their children both biological and adopted.

In every press or media interview, Diana and Bahati have never hidden the true existing relationship amongst them, both confess how much they love each other. Their confession alone is an evident of cemented relationship that will never come to an end. 

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