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Bajjo Highlights The Need For A Constitutional Federation To Resolve Ongoing Drama


In a recent interview, Andrew Mukasa, widely known as Promoter Bajjo, shared his perspective on the ongoing drama within Uganda’s entertainment industry, specifically regarding the newly formed Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF). As a prominent events promoter, businessman, and political commentator, Bajjo emphasized the importance of establishing a constitutional federation to address the current challenges.

He believes that every performer should belong to an association before becoming a member of any federation, contrary to the approach taken by the UNMF. Bajjo further argues that this lack of structure and association is leading to negative perceptions among the public and causing some musicians to be referred to as beggars.

Bajjo asserts that for any federation to effectively represent the interests of musicians and artists, it must have a strong constitutional framework in place. Such a constitution would outline the rights, responsibilities, and standards expected from its members, ensuring a more organized and professional industry. Bajjo believes that this structure is vital to ending the ongoing drama and disputes prevalent within the entertainment industry.

Promoter Bajjo emphasizes that before musicians become members of any federation, they should first belong to a recognized association within the industry. These associations provide a platform for performers to connect, share experiences, and collectively address industry challenges.

Some of the UNMF leaders
Some of the UNMF leaders

Additionally, being part of an association ensures that musicians have a common voice and a sense of unity, fostering collaboration and promoting their collective interests. Bajjo argues that the UNMF’s failure to acknowledge this step has led to the current issues and division among artists.

Bajjo points out that the lack of a structured federation has contributed to negative perceptions of musicians, with some being labeled as “beggars.” This unfortunate label arises due to the absence of unified representation and a clear platform for artists to negotiate fair deals and protect their rights.

Without a constitutional framework, artists may struggle to command the respect and recognition they deserve. Bajjo believes that a strong federation, established through proper association membership, would counter these negative perceptions and create a more professional and respected entertainment industry.

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