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Banjo Man Revealed The Polygamous Secrecy In His Family


Henry Ssentamu famously known to be a Ugandan singer and song writer who resorted into business revealed the bitter truth about his family life. Henry Ssentamu is well-known as Banjo Man with his numerous hit songs; Matiribona, Tampeko, Nsingo, Biseera, Kayonda among others.

Banjo Man who is from one of the prominent families known as The Ssentamu’s is happy about the legacy his family is living in despite being a polygamous family. While in an interview, Banjo Man affirmed that he is from a family of many, his family had a lot of children but Banjo is happy because most of them have become important people.

“I come from a polygamous family because it was an African way of living where a man used to explore his manhood with different women. My father the late Ssentamu had a lot of children who have become important people in the future,” Banjo Man affirmed.

The Ssentamu Family includes famous names; Mike Wine, Chairman Nyanzi, Eddie Yawe, Daxx Vibes, Banjo Man inclusive as well as Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu well-known as Bobi Wine. Banjo Man affirmed that children belonging to the Ssentamu family are born of different mothers but the existing unity should be attributed to our father.

“We were born by different mothers but our father did a great job of uniting us and as of now even the last sibling owns a house. We have endeavored to be united as one family,” Banjo Man disclosed.

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