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Barbie Kyagulanyi; The Indomitable Force Behind Bobi Wine’s Political Journey


In the realm of politics, the unwavering support and encouragement of a partner can make all the difference. Such is the case with Ugandan musician-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, widely known as Bobi Wine, and his remarkable wife, Barbie Kyagulanyi.

From the beginning of their relationship, Barbie has played a pivotal role in Bobi Wine’s political aspirations, proving that women possess immense power when they are convinced of a cause. In a recent trending video interview, Bobi Wine expressed his profound admiration for his wife’s unwavering support and acknowledged her active involvement in his campaigns during his bid for the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament seat in April 2017.

Bobi Wine’s decision to enter politics marked a significant turning point in his life. As he embarked on his campaign for the Kyadondo East parliamentary by-election, Barbie Kyagulanyi emerged as an invaluable source of strength and guidance. In the interview, Bobi Wine attested to her instrumental role in his political journey. He expressed deep gratitude for her active involvement and highlighted how she motivated him to wake up early and strategize on how to end President Museveni’s regime, a struggle he fervently believes in.

Bobi Wine’s praise for Barbie Kyagulanyi emphasizes the indispensable power that women possess when they are dedicated to a shared vision. Through her unwavering support, Barbie provided not only emotional stability but also practical assistance during the grueling campaign period. Her encouragement undoubtedly played a vital role in bolstering Bobi Wine’s determination to effect positive change in Uganda.

Bobi Wine and his wife during 2017 campaigns
Bobi Wine and his wife during 2017 campaigns

It is worth noting that Barbie Kyagulanyi’s support extends far beyond her involvement in politics. Throughout their relationship, she has been a pillar of strength for Bobi Wine, encouraging him in all aspects of his life. As a mother of four, she balances her role as a caregiver with her unwavering commitment to Bobi Wine’s political ambitions. Her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities while remaining dedicated to their shared goals is a testament to her strength and character.

Bobi Wine’s recognition of his wife’s support sends a powerful message to women across Uganda and beyond. It serves as a reminder that women possess tremendous influence and can shape the course of history when they passionately believe in a cause. By applauding Barbie Kyagulanyi’s role in his life, Bobi Wine amplifies the significance of women’s contributions to societal transformation and calls for their continued involvement in the struggle for a better future.

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