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Beyonce’s Thrilling Performance At $24 Million Event In Dubai

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Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter, an American songster, song writer and actress popularly referred to as Beyonce looked amazing during her live performance in Dubai.

Beyonce walked the red carpet in style, in a gold armored gown and flowing coat for the Atlantis, the Royal Grand Reveal a new ultra-luxury resort in Dubai.

The American songster is reported to have been paid $24 million for an hour performance at the invites only concert. It is alleged that her live performance in Dubai was her very first after a four-year break off stage performance.

Beyonce had a change of wardrobe during her performance; She wore gold armored gown and flowing coat, a yellow strapless and figure-hugging corset, a bright red gown with matching gloves and a gold head piece as well as a pink and silver mini dress with matching thigh high boots.

So, she changed her clothes four-times during her live performance in Dubai. Beyonce looked like an actual goddess and effortlessly commanded the stage as well as giving them a thrilling performance.


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