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Big Eye Starboss Traveled To UK Mainly For Performance And Networking

Big eye

Ugandan singer Big Eye Starboss has confirmed that he traveled to the United Kingdom (UK) for a performance and to make connections that he believes will be beneficial to himself and fellow musicians back home. The singer’s comments come in the wake of allegations made against fellow musician Eddy Kenzo, whom he accused of keeping international connections to himself and failing to share them with colleagues in the music industry.

Speaking to Zahara Toto aka DJ Zato, Big Eye Starboss explained that he traveled to the UK in order to showcase his talent to an international audience and to make important connections that could help him and his fellow musicians back home. He emphasized the importance of networking and collaboration in the music industry, stating that “we need to work together as musicians in order to grow and succeed.”

The singer’s comments reflect a growing sentiment among musicians in Uganda, who are increasingly seeking out opportunities to connect with international audiences and collaborators. With the rise of social media and online streaming platforms, artists are finding new ways to reach fans around the world, but many still feel that there is a need for more direct connections and collaborations with international artists and industry professionals.

Big Eye in UK
Big Eye in UK

When asked about his involvement in the newly formed Uganda National Musician Federation (UNMF), Big Eye Starboss stated that he is not a part of the organization because he does not believe in the motives of its appointed leaders. He did not elaborate on his reasons for this belief, but it is clear that he has concerns about the direction that the organization is taking.

Despite these concerns, Big Eye Starboss remains optimistic about the future of the music industry in Uganda. He believes that by working together and supporting one another, musicians in the country can achieve great success both at home and abroad. His recent trip to the UK is just one example of the kind of proactive steps that artists are taking to expand their horizons and explore new opportunities in the global music industry.

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