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Bobi Wine Will Be President After 15 Years; Mama Fiina Acknowledged


Sophie Namutebi, Uganda’s traditional healer and business woman popularly known as Mama Fiina made a hilarious confession about Uganda’s politics. According to the traditional healer, Bobi Wine also known as Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu will be the president of the Republic of Uganda after a long period of 15 years.

Mama Fiina further disclosed that Bobi Wine is ambitious and his political dream of leading this country is still alive but she doesn’t see herself voting for him in the 2026 General Elections.

According to the traditional healer, it took President Museveni several years to take over the thrown as Uganda’s president because he acquired the experience. So, the next 15 years she has predicted for Bobi Wine to president, will have been enough for him to acquire all the experience a leader may deserve to have politically.


As she concluded, Mama Fiina hilariously affirmed that she would definitely vote for Bobi Wine’s wife known as Barbie Kyagulanyi Itungo if she aspires for any elective position in Uganda’s politics.

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