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Brenda Kawira Who Fell From The Balcony At Kasarani Estate Finally Laid To Rest


A Kenyan lady identified as Brenda Kawira Gitonga, is reported to have thrown herself from the fourth floor of Nairobi’s Kasarani Estate to death on 21st February, 2023 at around 11:30 PM.

The only eye witness in the alleged suicide is her boyfriend who confessed that they had quarreled on their way to the bed room then Kawira Gitonga left the bed room and fell off from the balcony. Brenda’s boyfriend further affirmed that he only heard a fall.

“I went to check for her in the sitting room, kitchen and in other rooms and she was nowhere to be found. I then decided to go to the balcony and I saw her body sprawl on the ground,” Brenda Kawira Gitonga’s boyfriend confessed.

Brenda funeral
Brenda funeral
Brenda grave
Brenda grave

Brenda Kawira had in September 2021 graduated with first class honors from the University Of Nairobi where she was pursuing Bachelors In Medical Bio-chemistry, and she was preparing to pursue her Master’s Degree in Australia, June this year [2023.

The deceased was working at Nairobi based pharmaceutical company where she had moved to after briefly serving as a Mathematics, Biology and chemistry teacher at Kaanwa and Marimanti Girl’s Secondary Schools at her home county, but on 21st February, all her dreams were cut short in what police at Kasarani Police Station concluded to be suicide.

Rest In Peace, Brenda Kawira Gitonga.

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