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Bruno K Exposed; His Alleged Son, Seth Kiggundu Revealed

Bruno k and Briella

Ugandan sensational singer and song writer Bruno Kiggudu well-known as Bruno K, has been exposed via twitter as an irresponsible father after a fan with a user name, The Accessories Guy Keith revealing his alleged son.

The young boy who is alleged to be Bruno K’s son is the real image of the singer, he requires no comparison. He goes by the name, Seth Kiggundu.

In a tweet shared by the Accessories Guy Keith, the user exposed the sensational singer calling him a stupid and irresponsible father to his own biological son that he shares with one of the user’s close friends named, Vanessa.

Seth Kiggundu
Seth Kiggundu

“Bruno, don’t make me talk about how you are such a stupid and irresponsible father to Seth Kiggundu, your own son from my best friend Vanessa. Don’t make me spill the information.” The Accessories Guy Keith wrote.

The Accessories Guy Keith further reminded Bruno K all the hard days that he brought in the life of Vanessa and questioned why the singer chose to favor Briella over his own son, Seth Kiggundu.

“Day in day out in 2022, you where making Vanessa’s [your baby mama kid] life so hard to a point that I really hated you so much, and you favor Briella over your own son? Some men are just pathetic. Oh, I forgot, you are married, you the woman.” The Accessories Guy Keith revealed the alleged truth.

The tweet
The tweet

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