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Cindy Sanyu Advocates For Copyright Law Amendment In Uganda


In recent developments, renowned Ugandan musician, Cindy Sanyu, has taken a firm stance on the need to amend the copyright law in Uganda. She asserts that the law, which was passed in 2006 and signed by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, is currently under review due to its inadequate penalties for copyright infringement. Cindy’s position comes as a result of her disagreement with the leaders of the Uganda National Musician Federation (UNMF) during a recent meeting, as she believes the federation lacks legal standing.

The Copyright Law of 2006 holds significant importance for the protection of intellectual property rights in Uganda’s music industry. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni signed and approved this law, reflecting the government’s commitment to safeguarding the rights of creators and artists. The law was enacted to regulate the use and distribution of copyrighted works, ensuring fair compensation for creators and promoting creativity in the music industry.

Cindy Sanyu, an accomplished Ugandan musician, has expressed her concerns regarding the existing copyright law. In her view, the fines imposed on those found guilty of copyright infringement are insufficient and fail to serve as an effective deterrent. Recognizing the importance of protecting the rights of artists, Cindy firmly believes that the copyright law needs to be amended to reflect the current realities of the industry.

UMA President, Cindy Sanyu
UMA President, Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu’s call for an amendment to the copyright law stems from her desire to ensure that artists receive fair compensation for their creative works. The existing penalties, according to Cindy, are inadequate and fail to reflect the true value of intellectual property rights. She argues that these penalties do not effectively discourage copyright infringement, leading to widespread unauthorized use and distribution of copyrighted music.

During a recent meeting with the leaders of the UNMF, Cindy’s concerns were not addressed to her satisfaction. She believes that the federation does not possess the legal legitimacy required to represent the interests of musicians effectively. As a result, Cindy has taken it upon herself to advocate for the necessary amendments.

Cindy Sanyu’s commitment to protecting the rights of musicians and ensuring a fair and thriving music industry in Uganda is commendable. Her assertion that the copyright law needs amendment resonates with many artists who have faced copyright infringement challenges. By raising awareness and engaging in discussions about the shortcomings of the law, Cindy hopes to influence policymakers to revisit and amend the legislation.

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