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Cindy Sanyu Explains Failure To Federate With Eddy Kenzo And Sheebah’s Federation


During a recent meeting between renowned Ugandan songstress Cindy Sanyu and the leaders of the newly formed Uganda National Musician Federation (UNMF), it was revealed that an agreement could not be reached regarding the federation’s proposed collaboration with Cindy’s organization, the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA). Cindy expressed her reasons for this disagreement, citing concerns about the registration and credibility of the UNMF, as well as the unity and leadership dynamics within the music community.

Cindy Sanyu emphasized that an association cannot federate with a federation that lacks legal recognition or registration. According to Cindy, when a federation is not registered, it essentially means that it does not exist in the eyes of the law. As a leader of UMA, Cindy believes in upholding legal processes and ensuring that any collaboration or partnership is built on a solid foundation. Without proper legal recognition, she expressed reservations about the credibility and stability of the UNMF.

Some of the UNMF leaders
Some of the UNMF leaders

Another significant factor that influenced Cindy’s decision was the unity and leadership dynamics within the music community. Cindy highlighted her concerns about the leaders of the UNMF allegedly disseminating conflicting messages to artists, which she perceived as divisive and potentially harmful to the unity of musicians in Uganda. Cindy firmly stated that she could not federate with an organization that she felt was dismantling her people by sowing seeds of discord.

While acknowledging that the UNMF had offered her a leadership role within their federation, Cindy affirmed that she already held a leadership position within UMA, and therefore, an additional leadership role at the federation would not add value for her. She emphasized that UMA boasts a large membership base, suggesting that her association holds substantial influence and can effectively advocate for the interests of musicians in Uganda without needing to join another organization.

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