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Cindy Sanyu’s Suggestion On Why Everybody Shouldn’t Be A Friend

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Dancehall songstress, song writer and actress Cinderella Sanyu better known as Cindy hinted at why she has never acknowledged most people as her close friends. The songstress cautioned people not to let everybody to be their friends.

Through her timeline, Cindy Sanyu assured online users that a person can as well succeed without friends especially in the music industry because most of them are evil. So, being unclose can save a life.

“I believe you don’t have to be everybody’s friend to succeed, some people are evil especially in the music industry and breaking ties with them might just save your life,” Cindy Sanyu wrote.

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In conclusion, the songstress affirmed that she chose to stay far away from several people just to keep herself happy because the nonsense of being everybody’s friend is too childish.

“To protect my soul, I stay away from many people and that’s how I stay sane and happy. This nonsense of being everyone’s friend is for kids,” Cindy Sanyu added.


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