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Clever J Declares Support For Cindy In Upcoming Music Battle Against Sheebah


In a surprising turn of events, renowned singer Clever J has announced his unwavering support for Cindy Sanyu in the highly anticipated music battle set to take place on 15th September 2023, at the iconic Kololo Independence Grounds. The upcoming battle will witness a clash of titans as Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi, two of Uganda’s most prominent songstresses, face off to showcase their musical prowess.

Clever J’s endorsement of Cindy Sanyu comes as a revelation, accompanied by a personal anecdote and a notable perspective on the artists’ contributions to the industry. During an exclusive interview, Clever J candidly revealed the reasoning behind his decision to back Cindy Sanyu in the upcoming musical duel.

The singer shared a personal story that shed light on the depth of his relationship with both artists. He recounted an incident where Sheebah Karungi denied him entry into her apartment, a moment that left a mark on him. In contrast, Clever J fondly recalled how Cindy Sanyu extended her support during his struggling days by paying him a visit. This personal connection seemingly played a significant role in shaping Clever J’s allegiance.

Sheebah x Cindy
Sheebah x Cindy

Clever J’s statement resonates with the essence of loyalty and the value of genuine human connections. In an industry often defined by fierce competition and rivalries, his decision to stand by someone who offered him kindness during his less fortunate times sends a powerful message about the lasting impact of small acts of compassion.

Beyond the personal aspect, Clever J also weighed in on the artistic direction of the two songstresses. He emphasized that Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi represent two distinct facets of the music industry. According to Clever J, Cindy’s focus on talent and musical artistry stands in stark contrast to Sheebah’s emphasis on fashion and style. This observation underlines a broader debate in the music world – the balance between promoting musical skill and embracing visual aesthetics as part of an artist’s identity.

As the music battle approaches, Clever J’s endorsement of Cindy Sanyu injects an extra layer of anticipation into the event. Fans and industry insiders alike are curious to witness the culmination of these diverse narratives on the grand stage of Kololo Independence Grounds. The clash between two formidable artists, each with her unique strengths, promises to be a spectacle that will leave a lasting mark on Uganda’s music scene.

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