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Consistency And Patiency Pays; Femi One Says After Winning Afrimma Award

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Celebrated Kenyan female rapper and song writer Wanjiku Kimani well-known as Femi One is super delighted after taking an AFRIMMA Award home. AFRIMMA which stands for All Africa Music Awards is an annual event held to appreciate the art and creative industry in Africa, and this year it was held in Dallas, Texas.

Femi one became the first East African female rapper to win an AFRIMMA Award in the category of the Best Female Rapper in Africa. The gorgeous female celebrated her victory with her fans through her pages.

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“Best Female Rapper in Africa. The first East African Female rapper to take it home, it’s such a big pat on the back for my team and I for all the work we’ve put in throughout the years,” Femi One wrote.

Femi One became more popularly after collaborating with Mejja Okonkwo in composing Utawezana. A song that trended within East Africa and beyond, she was later signed under Kaka Empire so that she could continue with her music career.

Femi One attributed her success to consistency and patiency, and she encourages her fellow female rappers never to give up because there people out there watching.

“Truly consistency, patiency pays!! This should be an encouragement for all the up-and-coming female rappers! There is a spot for you in this industry, keep building, keep doing it, they are watching.” Femi One wrote.


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