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Court Grants Paul Okoye And Anita Divorce; Anita Demands Equal Share Of Property


Nigerian lawyer, entrepreneur and author Anita Isama who was better known as the wife to prominent Nigerian musician Paul Okoye alias Rude Boy is never giving up. Anita is demanding half of her husband wealth after court granting them divorce.

Paul Okoye who makes up P-Square music duo was never at rest in his marriage. Anita and Paul’s marriage was unstable as the two have always been having misunderstandings.


Anita Isama claimed that Paul was a good cheater and was always absent as father. She further explained that separation, fraud and difficult experience were her major reasons for seeking divorce.

Abuja High Court sitting in Maitama looked into the matter and the celebrity couple was granted divorce. Anita further requested a monthly settlement worth $20,000 and a number of Paul Okoye’s mansions.

Do you think Anita Isama will receive all her desires from Paul Okoye?


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