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Cozy Moments; Pritty Vishy And Becky Akinyi Kiss Each Other On TikTok Live


Multi-talented Kenyan socialite and content creator Purity Vishenwa well-known as Pritty Vishy was witnessed exchanging saliva on a Tik Tok live with a girl alleged to be the viral Tik Toker and content creator Becky Akinyi.

Pritty Vishy and Becky Akinyi have been friends for a long time now. The two have been closely together and were rumored to be eyeing each despite being of the same gender.


In the clip and photos that have began going viral online, Becky Akinyi and Pritty Vishy seemed unbothered and enjoying close comfort together hence portraying that the two close friends maybe dating.


However, Becky Akinyi the viral Tik Toker has denied dating rumors concluding that kissing is a normal thing amongst girls. 


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