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Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Finds A Resting Place As Al Nassr’s Followers Continue To Grow


Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who plays as a forward has finally secured himself a resting place following his two-year contract with Saudi Arabian club, Al Nassr FC.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al Nassr FC as a free agent after Manchester United Football Club ending his contract following his interview held with Pierce Morgan.

The forward continued to enter historic books, his contract with Al Nassr has been considered as the biggest contract ever in the history of the world football. Cristiano Ronaldo will be earning approximately US $214,646,225

Yes, Cristiano will be earning such huge amounts but he has already started impacting the football club positively. Al Nassr followers have already doubled and still counting because of the forward’s influence on social media.


Multiple reports affirm the Portuguese forward is aging and at his path to retirement.


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