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Crystal Panda Unhappy At URA Decision Of Harvesting Money From Musicians

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Multi-talented and award-winning Kityamuweesi Herbert well-known as Crystal Panda portrayed his dissatisfaction towards the Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] after their new directive of ensuring all entertainers pay taxes.

Towards the end of 2022, URA directed all those in the field of entertainment to acquire Tax Identification Number better known as TIN as early as possible to avoid fines and imprisonment.

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The move is aimed at collecting taxes from the entertainment industry and widening the tax bracket, as the entertainment sector is believed to make meaningful contribution to the country’s economy.

However, most entertainers including event organizers, promoters, musicians, comedians and many more, are not happy with the move made by URA.

While speaking to the press, Crystal Panda assured URA that they desire to collect taxes from entertainers but musicians don not have money that they can pay as revenue.

“Uganda Revenue Authority wants to collect money from musicians but we don’t have it,” Crystal Panda affirmed.


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