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Crystal Panda Voices Frustration Over Lack Of Promotion For Collaborative Track With Winnie Nwagi


In the dynamic world of the music industry, collaborations between established artists and rising stars are often anticipated with great excitement. However, the collaborative effort between Crystal Panda and Winnie Nwagi, titled “Mukisenge,” has sparked controversy as Crystal Panda openly expressed his disappointment with the lack of promotional support from both Winnie Nwagi and Swangz Avenue, her management.

During a recent live television interview, Crystal Panda did not mince words when discussing the challenges faced by emerging artists collaborating with established names. He shed light on a common issue wherein prominent figures in the music industry tend to prioritize their solo releases over collaborative efforts with rising talents. According to Crystal Panda, this practice hampers the visibility and success of collaborative projects, leaving emerging artists in the shadows.

Crystal Panda passionately argued that promoting collaborative tracks is not just a responsibility of the uprising star but also a shared obligation with the established artist and their management. He emphasized the significance of giving emerging talents a platform to showcase their skills and expand their reach within the competitive music landscape.

Winnie Nwagi ft Crystal Panda, Mukisenge
Winnie Nwagi ft Crystal Panda, Mukisenge

“Even uprising stars need an opportunity to trend or even go miles with a collaboration made,” Crystal Panda asserted during the interview. He stressed that neglecting the promotion of collaborative projects not only affects the newcomer’s career trajectory but also diminishes the potential success of the joint effort.

Crystal Panda did not shy away from expressing his disappointment with Swangz Avenue, the management team overseeing Winnie Nwagi’s career. He highlighted their failure to adequately promote “Mukisenge,” a collaboration that held great promise.

In the interview, Crystal Panda questioned the decision-making process within Swangz Avenue, wondering why such a potentially impactful track was not given the attention it deserved. The singer-songwriter emphasized that effective promotion is key to the success of any musical endeavor and called on established artists and their management teams to be more mindful of their collaborative responsibilities.

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