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Diamond Platnumz Warned Women Against Ending Relationships During Brokenness

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Diamond Platnumz cautioned women against dumping their men or boyfriends during moments of lack. The singer and song writer revealed that he was once a victim of such a relationship and his girlfriend only known as Sarah dumped him when he had nothing in life.

According to Diamond Platnumz, when a man lacks the ability to fulfill his lover’s needs, he goes through a lot of pain but women will not notice. Yes, women love a good life but they don’t want to pray for their partners. If you are prayerful, both of you will live the life you desired together.

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“My sisters, everyman who truly loves his woman, know that he desires to give her every need. When he is late to get, don’t get tired of preserving and running from him Pray for him and encourage him so that tomorrow he succeeds in life and together live the life you have always desired,” Diamond Platnumz.

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