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Diana Marua Praises Bahati And Vows To Spend All Her Time With Him


Kenyan rapper and song writer Diana Marua who is the wife to singer Kevin Kioko better known as Bahati is always proud to be the lucky wife Bahati married. Diana Marua praised Bahati and vowed to spend all her time with him.

“My king, my husband, my pillar, my strength, my prayer partner and the father of my kids. I celebrate you every day,” Diana Marua wrote.

diana_marua_with_bahati_kenya (2)

Award-winning Bahati was celebrating his 30th birthday yesterday the 22nd of December. Through his timeline, Bahati affirmed celebrating his 30th birthday and being born on 22 December 1992.

Being a special day in his life, Diana Marua his closest partner vowed to love him and spend each day in happiness with Bahati. Diana vowed to keep her husband at peace and happiness.

“The greatest gift is to spend every day with you and to see you at 30 full of life, happy and content gives me happiness and peace. I wish you true happiness, abundance, peace, increase and above all God’s favor and grace,” Diana Marua wrote.


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