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Eddy Kenzo And Hamza Ssebunya Share Smiles And Hugs During A Wedding Ceremony


Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Eddy Kenzo is making headlines after he met with Hamza Ssebunya, the current husband of his ex-lover and baby mama Rema Namakula. The two men were attending the wedding ceremony of Paul Ssembatya and Milly Nakibala, where they shared smiles and hugs.

Hamza Ssebunya is a medical doctor and gynecologist by profession at Mulago National Referral Hospital, while Eddy Kenzo is a renowned Ugandan artist known for his hit songs such as Sitya Loss and Stamina. Despite their different professions, the two men showed that it is possible to put aside personal differences and come together to celebrate a joyous occasion.

The fact that Eddy Kenzo and Hamza Ssebunya were able to embrace each other and share smiles in public is a positive development that should be encouraged. It shows that men can put aside their egos and differences and come together in peace, even when there may be some history between them.

Eddy kenzo and Hamza
Eddy kenzo and Hamza

This action is particularly noteworthy because it occurred in the context of a wedding ceremony, which is a time of celebration and happiness. By putting aside their differences and coming together in this way, Eddy Kenzo and Hamza Ssebunya set a positive example for others to follow.

It is important to note that this type of behavior is not always easy to achieve, especially when there may be unresolved conflicts or hurt feelings involved. However, by making the effort to put aside personal differences and come together in peace, men can show that they are capable of setting aside their egos and prioritizing the well-being of those around them.

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