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Eddy Kenzo Announces His Next Step After Grammy Nomination

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Grammy nominee singer Eddy Kenzo has announced his next step after Grammy Nomination. Eddy Kenzo is planning to build a music academy and says his to keep praying so that he can get the right wisdom to use with the nomination.

“We have to keep working and know why God has brought us this far. I have to keep praying so that I get the right wisdom to use this nomination. I want to build a music academy,” Eddy Kenzo said.

Eddy Kenzo affirmed that he has been speechless from the time he received the news that he has been nominated for the Grammy Awards. Honestly, someone from my background to reach this far is just incredible, a mere street boy in the Grammys, Eddy Kenzo said.

The singer and now Grammy nominee advised fellow singers to position themselves where God can choose and gift them because God gifts those that he chooses.

“God doesn’t give gifts to those that are gifted, he gives gifts to those that he chooses. You need to position yourself where God can choose and gift you,” Eddy Kenzo said.


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