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Eddy Kenzo Stands With Gravity’s Call For Hospital Development At Bobi Wine’s Busabala


Renowned rapper Gravity Omutujju has sparked a crucial conversation by advocating for the allocation of land by singer turned politician Bobi Wine for the construction of a much-needed hospital. The initiative has gained notable support, including from “Grammy nominee” and esteemed songwriter Eddy Kenzo, reflecting the significance of addressing healthcare needs in the country.

The impetus for Gravity Omutujju’s advocacy came to light through a widely circulated online video showcasing his delivery of construction materials and cement to Busabala Beach. His gesture symbolized a tangible call to action directed at Bobi Wine, urging him to allocate a portion of his Busabala Beach land for the establishment of a hospital. Gravity’s intention is clear: to address the pressing healthcare challenges faced by Ugandans, particularly in ensuring safe childbirth for women.

In an interview addressing Gravity’s initiative, Eddy Kenzo expressed his support, acknowledging the necessity and relevance of the rapper’s actions. Kenzo affirmed the importance of Bobi Wine’s contribution towards healthcare infrastructure, emphasizing the potential positive impact of a hospital facility in Busabala. With Gravity’s contribution of two bags of cement and sand, the message resonates even more profoundly a collective call for progress and development in Uganda’s healthcare sector.

The significance of this advocacy extends beyond individual personalities or political affiliations; it underscores the urgent need for accessible and quality healthcare services across Uganda. Gravity’s initiative highlights the power of civic engagement and social responsibility within the entertainment industry, demonstrating how artists can leverage their platforms for positive societal change.

Gravity Omutujju with his two bags of cement and sand
Gravity Omutujju with his two bags of cement and sand

Bobi Wine, renowned for his vocal activism and advocacy for social justice, holds a unique opportunity to further champion this cause by allocating land for the construction of a hospital in Busabala. With its strategic location and potential resources, Busabala Beach presents an ideal setting for such a healthcare facility, serving not only the local community but also addressing broader healthcare disparities in the region.

Moreover, the emphasis on maternal health, as articulated by Gravity Omutujju, speaks to a critical aspect of healthcare that requires immediate attention. By providing a safe and conducive environment for childbirth, the proposed hospital in Busabala has the potential to significantly reduce maternal mortality rates and enhance overall healthcare outcomes for women and children.

In light of these developments, it is imperative for stakeholders across various sectors to rally behind Gravity Omutujju’s advocacy and support the realization of a hospital facility in Busabala. The collaboration between artists, policymakers, and community leaders exemplifies the collective efforts needed to address systemic challenges and improve the well-being of Ugandan citizens.

As discussions continue and momentum builds, it is hoped that Bobi Wine and other key stakeholders will heed the call for action, recognizing the transformative potential of investing in healthcare infrastructure. Together, we can pave the way for a healthier, more equitable future for all Ugandans, driven by the spirit of solidarity and shared responsibility.

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