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Eddy Kenzo Unveils Marriage Plans And Vows To Have Multiple Weddings


In a recent live television interview, celebrated Ugandan musician Eddy Kenzo opened up about his intentions to tie the knot, expressing his eagerness to embark on the journey of matrimony. The internationally acclaimed artist not only revealed his desire to get married but also surprised fans by declaring his intention to have more than one wedding.

Eddy Kenzo, known for his chart-topping hits and charismatic stage presence, shared his excitement about the prospect of marriage during a candid conversation on a live television program. The singer disclosed, “I will have more than one wedding. I look forward to getting married, I don’t look at physical features but I want a woman who is intelligent and brilliant.”

This revelation sparked intrigue among fans and the public alike, as Eddy Kenzo hinted at the possibility of hosting multiple wedding ceremonies. The artist’s statement added an element of suspense and excitement to his future nuptials, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the details of these grand celebrations.

Carol Nantongo together with Lydia Jazmine
Carol Nantongo together with Lydia Jazmine

In recent months, Eddy Kenzo has found himself at the center of relationship rumors involving two prominent figures, Lydia Jazmine and Carol Nantongo. However, during the interview, Kenzo dismissed these speculations and affirmed that both women are merely his friends. He made it clear that he would not comment on rumors and emphasized the importance of maintaining privacy in his personal life.

Eddy Kenzo’s statement sheds light on the challenges faced by public figures when navigating the often intrusive world of celebrity gossip. Despite being a public figure, the artist remains steadfast in keeping certain aspects of his personal life confidential, underscoring the importance of respecting boundaries and separating fact from fiction.

The musician emphasized that his criteria for a life partner go beyond physical appearance, placing a strong emphasis on intelligence and brilliance. This revelation showcases Eddy Kenzo’s depth of character and his commitment to finding a partner who aligns with his values and aspirations.

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