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Edwin Chiloba Betrayed Me; Jackton Odhiambo Confessed To Have Murdered Chiloba

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Edwin Chiloba’s close friend and roommate identified as Jackton Odhiambo was arrested as the prime suspect following the controversial death of Chiloba, whose lifeless body was found placed in a metallic box by the roadside near Eldoret Town.

Jackton Odhiambo was arrested after an eye-witness who wasn’t disclosed, affirmed that she heard the noises and a fight in the house where Edwin Chiloba and Jackton lived in. A scream followed and there was total silence on that same night when Chiloba was seen alive.

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The caretaker of the residential area also affirmed seeing Jackton Odhiambo with the same metallic box in which Chiloba’s lifeless body was found. Edwin Chiloba real name Edwin Kiprotich was a fashion designer, model and well-known LGBTQ Activist.

According to Jackton Odhiambo, he executed the murder with the assistance of two of his friends so as to quench his anger after discovering that Edwin Chiloba was cheating on him.

The deceased, Edwin Chiloba and Jackton, were living together as husband and wife. Chiloba allegedly went outside the relationship which prompted Jackton to revenge on him.


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