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Elsa Majimbo Finally Reveals Her Secret Lover


Kenyan born and US based online comedienne Elsa Majimbo has finally revealed her secret lover to her followers, fans and social media users through her pages. Hkeem has been Elsa’s secret lover.

Hkeem is a deejay and producer based in Los Angeles. According to multiple reports, Elsa Majimbo has been dating LA’s Dj Hkeem for quite a long time but she wasn’t set to introduce him online.

She introduced Dj Hkeem and thanked him for bringing so much happiness into her life as well as spending some of his free time playing various games with her, and gifting the comedienne with her favorite gifts.

“To my darling love, thank you for bringing me so much happiness, love and joy.  Thank you for showing me what love looks like. Thank you for doing my hair, playing chess with me and buying me things [my favorite]. I love you so much,” Elsa Majimbo wrote.


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