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Embracing Luganda As Uganda’s Official Language; Salvado’s Plea For Unity And Identity


In recent times, the debate over the adoption of an official language in Uganda has garnered significant attention from the public and policymakers alike. Among the prominent voices advocating for a common language is Patrick Idringi, better known as Salvado, a beloved Ugandan comedian and entertainment icon.

Salvado has passionately emphasized the need for Luganda to be recognized as the official language of Uganda, particularly for the country’s flagship carrier, Ugandan Airlines. Despite the nation’s linguistic diversity, Salvado’s plea aims to foster unity and a sense of pride in the rich cultural heritage that Luganda represents.

Uganda is a nation with a diverse linguistic landscape, boasting over 40 indigenous languages spoken across the country. However, it is undeniable that Luganda stands out as the most widely spoken language, primarily in the central region where the capital, Kampala, is located. Its prominence is also evident in various urban centers and among the Ugandan diaspora.

Luganda serves as a lingua franca, bridging communication gaps between individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. By adopting Luganda as the official language, Ugandan Airlines can facilitate seamless communication and ensure a welcoming environment for all passengers, regardless of their linguistic origins.

Salvado’s plea for Luganda as the official language is rooted in a desire to preserve and celebrate Uganda’s unique cultural identity. Language is not merely a means of communication; it is a reflection of a nation’s history, values, and traditions. Upholding Luganda as the official language would send a powerful message about Uganda’s commitment to promoting and preserving its rich cultural heritage.

Patrick Salvado performance
Patrick Salvado performance

When visitors arrive in Uganda on Ugandan Airlines and are greeted in Luganda, even if they do not fully understand the language, they will sense the warmth and pride exuded by the locals. This experience fosters a strong sense of belonging and encourages cultural exchange, making travelers feel at home in a foreign land.

A common official language has the potential to unite a nation with diverse linguistic backgrounds. By choosing Luganda, Ugandan Airlines can help bridge the gaps between regions and ethnicities, fostering a sense of inclusivity and national unity. When people from different linguistic backgrounds can communicate with ease, it encourages understanding, cooperation, and a sense of shared purpose.

Moreover, promoting Luganda as the official language on Ugandan Airlines will not diminish the significance of other indigenous languages spoken across the nation. Rather, it can serve as a stepping stone to encourage multilingualism and preserve the rich tapestry of linguistic diversity that defines Uganda.

While Salvado’s proposal for adopting Luganda as the official language is admirable, it is essential to acknowledge the practical challenges and complexities involved. Implementing such a change will require careful planning, investment, and widespread support from various stakeholders.

Language education programs should be introduced to enhance the proficiency of airline staff and employees in Luganda. Additionally, translation services and materials in multiple languages can be provided to accommodate passengers who do not speak Luganda. By taking these steps, Ugandan Airlines can ensure that the transition to Luganda as the official language is smooth and well-received.

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