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Eric Omondi Arrested On His Way To The State House With Over Two Million Resumes

Eric Omondi

Kenyan comedian and actor popularly known as Eric Omondi, is reported to have been arrested earlier today on his way to the state house to meet the newly elected Kenyan President, H.E. William Samoei Ruto.

According to several online reports, the comedian and actor was on his way to the state house to deliver over two million resumes or curriculum vitas [CV] to the Kenyan President.

From a few photos shared online, Eric Omondi can be witnessed pulling a mkokoteni, the only mode of transport he sought to enable him deliver the detailed CV’s of jobless Kenyans.

Eric Omondi arrest
Eric Omondi arrest
Eric Omondi arrest
Eric Omondi arrest

However his journey to the state house came to an end after the police officers arresting the comedian as well as confiscating his boxes. Eric Omondi was then whisked to the nearby police station in a Land Rover to answer a few questions.

This isn’t the first time Eric Omondi to be arrested. Latterly, the comedian was arrested when he held a protest over high costs of living outside the Kenyan Parliament. Early this month, Omondi was again arrested while distributing Unga to his supporters at City Stadium, Nairobi.

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