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Eric Omondi Threatened To Commit Suicide At Kenyatta Avenue

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi, Kenyan renowned comedian and actor turned political activists, threatened to commit suicide at Kenyatta Avenue earlier today, 3rd April 2023. The comedian’s action is reported to be a protest against the increasing cost of living.

However, Eric Omondi’s action was not a success following police intervention. The comedian was arrested again and tear gas was directed to the crowd that had gathered at the venue.

This is not the first-time the comedian facing arrest, it is now becoming a weekly routine following today’s early arrest. A glimpse into the situation in Kenya, it is reported that prices of commodities has been at an increase hence the cost of living becoming high.

Raila Odinga
Raila Odinga

Other Kenyan citizens have a believe that the ruling government lead by President William Ruto is still silent and not responding to the ongoing situation, this urged Raila Odinga who was the 1st runners up in the concluded Kenya’s general election to call for a weekly protest titled, Mega Monday.

However, Raila Odinga called off the weekly protest asserting that it will resume after a week if President William Ruto doesn’t agree to opposition’s counter offer.

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