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Eric Omondi’s Lover Lynne Enjoying Life To The Fullest 

eric_omondi_with_lover_lynne (1)

Eric Omondi’s lover known as Lynne is living and enjoying her life to the fullest as she is spotted at a private swimming pool having a moment. It is alleged that Eric Omondi’s lover Lynne is at a vacation following the loss of her unborn baby.

The Kenyan comedian and actor Eric Omondi together with his lover Lynne will never forget the month of November especially of 2022. The lovely couple lost their unborn child through a painstaking miscarriage yet they were expecting their first child together.

For quit a long but a short time, Lynne had gone quite because it was a terrible blow on her face especially amidst her relationship with the comedian Eric Omondi. However, it is believed that the comedian is behind the vacation that Lynne is apparently on.

It is reported that Eric Omondi is trying his best to see that his lover and wife to be forgets the incident where they both lost their unborn child. Eric Omondi shared the video on his timeline showing Lynne enjoying a swimming session as she was being served by a waiter and he captioned.

“She’s back almost.” Eric Omondi wrote on one of his social media stories. 


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