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Evangeline Ngugi Cautions Men Not To Fall In Love With Women In November

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Kenyan writer and social media influencer identified as Evangeline Ngungi has warned men not to fall in love this November. The Kenyan writer asserts that there isn’t any relationship that begins in the month of November because most women eye at the weight of the wallet.

“Thank you so much for this piece of information. I really appreciate it, be blessed.” Mariga replied. Evangeline Ngungi never warned men but she further encouraged women to work hard because they need to take good care of themselves.


“Dear men. No relationship starts in November. Protect your wallet my brother, and you ladies take good care of yourselves. A good woman is worth the efforts and sacrifice anyway,” Evangeline Ngungi wrote.

Is it not worth for relationships to kickstart in November? Drop in your comments. According to Evangeline Ngungi, women are only after wallets because the social media influencer’s focus is based on wallets. Contrary, some of the social media users believe that all women are the same and it is better to try out new ones.

“Even those we are in relationship with are milking us dry, none is better. Trying new things is far better,” Brian Newton replied.


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