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Fik Fameica Extends Olive Branch To David Lutalo, Affirming Brotherhood And Mutual Respect


In a surprising turn of events, Ugandan rapper and songwriter Fik Fameica has quashed rumors of an ongoing feud with fellow artist David Lutalo. The alleged tension arose when Lutalo announced his concert date for “27th January 2024,” just a day after Fameica’s scheduled performance at Cricket Oval Lugogo on the 26th.

Media and online users speculated that this move was driven by greed and an attempt to overshadow Fik Fameica’s event. However, recent developments have seen the two artists not only burying the hatchet but also affirming a brotherly bond built on mutual respect.

Sources close to the artists revealed that tensions escalated in the wake of the clashing concert dates. However, it seems that the dust has settled, as Fik Fameica and David Lutalo recently came together to amicably resolve their differences. The meeting, held behind closed doors, allowed the artists to discuss the alleged rivalry and find common ground.

David Lutalo and Fik Fameica reconcile
David Lutalo and Fik Fameica reconcile

In a statement issued by Fik Fameica himself, he made it clear that he harbors no ill feelings towards David Lutalo. The rapper emphasized that he considers Lutalo a brother and holds him in high regard. Fameica acknowledged the initial disappointment surrounding the concert scheduling but emphasized the importance of unity within the Ugandan music industry.

“I want to set the record straight, there is no grudge between David Lutalo and me. We met, had an honest conversation, and I realized that we are all in this together. I consider David my brother, and I wish him nothing but success with his concert,” Fik Fameica affirmed.

In a remarkable display of solidarity, Fik Fameica went a step further by announcing his intention to perform at David Lutalo’s concert on the 27th of January at Serena Hotel, Kampala. This unexpected collaboration not only surprises fans but also showcases the maturity and professionalism of both artists.

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