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Former Manager Exposes Songstress Karole Kasita’s Troubles In The Music Industry

Joram Lukisa

The music industry is often portrayed as glamorous and filled with harmonious collaborations. However, behind the scenes, conflicts and disputes can arise, leading to strained relationships and professional fallouts.

In a recent in-depth interview, Joram Lukisa, former manager of renowned songstress Karole Kasita, shed light on her alleged misbehavior and misconduct within the music industry. Lukisa revealed a series of issues he encountered during his time managing Karole, warning her about her actions, particularly her treatment of music producers and songwriters.

Joram Lukisa explained that one of the major points of contention between him and Karole Kasita was her mishandling of music producers. According to Lukisa, Karole exhibited a disrespectful and bossy attitude towards music producers, leading to a growing number of dissatisfied professionals in the industry. Her behavior not only created a toxic working environment but also hindered her ability to establish positive and productive collaborations.

Furthermore, Lukisa revealed that Karole had a history of defaulting on payments to songwriters. This consistent failure to fulfill financial obligations resulted in several songwriters, including the notable Mudra, severing ties with the songstress. Lukisa emphasized that such behavior not only damages professional relationships but also tarnishes an artist’s reputation, making it difficult to attract and retain talented songwriters in the future.

Karol Kasita and her former manager, Joram Lukisa
Karol Kasita and her former manager, Joram Lukisa

The former manager further highlighted Karole Kasita’s tendency to act disrespectfully towards music producers, an issue that seems to have caused significant frustration within the industry. Many music producers, according to Lukisa, were taken aback by Karole’s bossy demeanor and lack of appreciation for their contributions. This consistent display of disrespect and arrogance created a rift between Karole and the music producers she depended on for her music production.

The repercussions of Karole Kasita’s alleged misbehavior are far-reaching. By mistreating music producers and songwriters, she not only jeopardized her professional relationships but also hindered her own artistic growth. Collaborations with talented producers became scarce, impacting the quality and creativity of her music. Additionally, the negative reputation she earned within the industry might hinder future opportunities and collaborations with prominent artists and professionals.

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