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From The Streets To A Star, Lady Mariam Narrates Her Street Life

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Songstress Lady Mariam Kemigisha better known for her hit song Tindatine has narrated her street life before she became a star in the music industry. Lady Mariam released Tindatine in 2004 that was when she rose to fame but she later went silent till date, the songstress is now trying to pave her way back in the industry.

Lady Mariam confessed to have been raised by the streets because her father died before she was born. Mariam’s mother also died of cancer leaving her with no option but moving to the streets as she tried to find possible ways of surviving.

“I was raised by the streets because my father died before I was born. My mother also died of cancer and I ended up moving to different places, that’s how the world raised me,” Lady Mariam confessed.

The songstress wanted to build her own empire and she decided to use her savings to build a house for herself and family but her family members were not happy of what she wanted to do because her success angered most of them.

“When I became a star, I got my own apartment. My siblings tried to copy what I was doing but failed. I wanted to build my own empire so I decided to use my savings to build a house for myself and my family in Kabwohe but my family members were not happy. My success angered them so they did everything to sabotage my progress,” Lady Mariam said.


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