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Geosteady Accused Of Not Turning Up For An Event

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Singer Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady is accused of not turning up for an event. To make matters worse, he never refunded the money that the event organizer had paid in advance.

According to the event promoter, he paid half of the agreed amount to Geosteady so that he can travel to Palisa district where the event was to take place. He ran adverts but the singer never turned up.

“I gave Geosteady my money and I am in need of it, we both agreed on 2 million and I gave him 1 million in advance. He later told me that he can’t travel to Palisa at 2 million and of course he didn’t turn up,” the event organizer said.

“When the event reached, Geosteady never turned up and he didn’t refund the half of the money. People destroyed equipments and other things at the event. The owner of the venue asks for a higher pay because a lot was destroyed. I spoke to Geosteady via a telephone call and he knows me better,” the event organizer said.

The event organizer confirmed that though the economy is so bad, he will take Geosteady to courts of law if he doesn’t refund the money.


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