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Geosteady Continues To Mock Mr. Henrie; Thanks Him For Taking Care Of His Children


Singer and song writer Hasan Kigozi better known as Geosteady continues to make headlines after he hilariously thanked radio and television personality Mr. Henrie for taking care of his children. The media personality once dated Geosteady’s wife known as Prima Kardashi.

However, he is thankful to have loved the same woman with Mr. Henrie and is busy looking for him so that they can take a photograph together.

While speaking to the press, Geosteady laughed and made fan of the media personality Mr. Henrie when he thanked him to have worked hard and helped in taking care of his children when he was dating Prima Kardashi.

“Mr. Henrie, thank you for your hard work and the care you gave my children.” Geosteady hilariously said.


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