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Geosteady Finally Explains Why He Never Turned Up For An Event In Pallisa

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Singer Geosteady has finally explained the reason as to why he never turned up for an event that he was supposed to attend in the district of Pallisa.  The event organizer accused the singer of not turning up for the event and he never refunded the money that he was paid.

According to the event organizer, Geosteady agreed to be paid 2 million and he was given 1 million as an installment. Few days to the event, the singer refused to go and perform at the event claiming that the 2 million wasn’t worth for him.

While giving an explanation as to why he never attended the event, Geosteady claimed he had informed the event organizers that he charges 3 million for a performance. The event organizer later deposited 1 million yet his performance is worth 3 million.

Geosteady further explained that they had saved a date for the event organizer, he also assured the event organizer that he will refund the 1 million shillings in installments because he already used the money and he has nothing left at the moment.

“We saved for you the date and the thing started running, now you need your money yet that money isn’t there at the moment because I don’t keep any with myself. I will send you the money in installment once all goes well,” Geosteady explained.


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