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Ghanaian Pastor’s Prophecy Sends Shockwaves Through Nigeria; Wizkid Urged To Pray For Protection


In a surprising turn of events, “a Ghanaian pastor” has captured the attention of the Nigerian population and online users by unveiling a startling prophecy concerning the acclaimed Nigerian Afro-beat sensation, “Ayo Balogun,” popularly known as Wizkid. The pastor’s revelation has ignited a wave of speculation and concern among fans, as he warned Wizkid about an ominous threat lurking in the shadows.

In a trending video clip circulating on various social media platforms, the Ghanaian pastor can be seen passionately delivering his prophecy about Wizkid’s future. According to the spiritual leader, there is a colossal snake circling the Afro-beat icon, lying low for now but poised to strike when the time is right. The pastor emphasizes that the impending event will be the most significant and shocking news to hit the Nigerian music industry.

The pastor’s message takes a foreboding turn as he cautions Wizkid to be vigilant and intensify his prayers. He reveals that the snake, while currently appearing friendly, harbors harmful intentions, and when the moment arrives, it will not hesitate to deliver a fatal bite.

Below, Wizkid & Above, the popular Ghanian Pastor
Below, Wizkid & Above, the popular Ghanian Pastor

The Ghanaian cleric draws a parallel with another prominent Afro-beat singer, Davido, who apparently experienced a similar threat. He urges Wizkid to learn from Davido’s ordeal and take proactive measures to avert a potentially disastrous fate.

“Wizkid, there’s a huge snake around you. It is very friendly now but harmful. It will bite you when the time comes if you’re not careful. This will be the biggest news in the Nigerian music industry. Pray that what happened to Davido should not happen to you.”

The pastor’s prophecy has sparked a flurry of reactions across social media platforms, with fans expressing a mix of concern, skepticism, and curiosity. While some view the revelation with caution, others are quick to dismiss it as mere sensationalism. Wizkid’s fans, in particular, have flooded social media with prayers and messages of support, urging the artist to take the prophecy seriously and fortify his spiritual defenses.

As of now, Wizkid has not publicly addressed the prophecy. However, the singer’s silence on the matter has only fueled speculation, leaving fans and the media eager for a response from the Afro-beat sensation.

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