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Grace Khan Issues Apology To Meseach Following Altercation At Papaz Spot Restaurant


In an unexpected turn of events, Ugandan songster and songwriter Grace Khan took to her social media platforms to issue a heartfelt apology to Meseach Semakula after a heated altercation that unfolded at Meseach’s “Papaz Spot Restaurant” just yesterday. The incident, which gained substantial attention online, involved a physical altercation between Grace Khan and fellow singer Kid Dee over the alleged paternity of Grace Khan’s daughter, Grannah.

According to the statement released by Grace Khan on her official social media accounts, she clarified the circumstances that led to the altercation and expressed deep regret for her actions. The altercation between her and Kid Dee was the culmination of a longstanding dispute over the parentage of her daughter. Grace Khan firmly asserted that the true father of her daughter is singer Prince Omar and has consistently denied any connection or affiliation with Kid Dee, vehemently dismissing the ongoing rumors that he might be her child’s biological father.

Grace Khan and her daughter, Grannah
Grace Khan and her daughter, Grannah

Grace Khan openly admitted that her strong emotional attachment to her daughter and the ongoing speculations about her daughter’s paternity had led her to react impulsively. She acknowledged her behavior during the altercation, acknowledging that her emotions got the better of her, leading to an unfortunate confrontation.

In her apology directed at Meseach Semakula, the owner of Papaz Spot Restaurant, Grace Khan expressed her sincere remorse for her actions and any negative attention that the incident may have brought to his establishment. She acknowledged that her behavior was out of character and explained that her unwavering commitment to protecting her daughter’s interests had clouded her judgment, leading to her public outburst.

Grace Khan’s apology not only addressed Meseach Semakula but also extended to those who were present during the altercation at the restaurant. She emphasized that her actions were fueled by her deep concern for her daughter’s wellbeing, but acknowledged that there were more appropriate ways to handle such situations.

The apology garnered mixed reactions from fans and followers, with many expressing appreciation for Grace Khan’s willingness to take responsibility for her actions. Some admired her honesty in admitting her flaws while others hoped for a resolution between Grace Khan and Kid Dee for the sake of maintaining a positive atmosphere within the music industry.

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