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Grace, Wife of Stivo Simple Boy, Confessed to have Prayed for Eric Omondi’s Rescue  


In a heartfelt confession that has garnered attention across Kenya, Grace, the wife of renowned Kenyan rapper and songwriter Stephen Otieno Adera, popularly known as Stivo Simple Boy, revealed that she had been tirelessly praying for comedian Eric Omondi to visit their home, especially during the difficult period when her husband was facing financial challenges.

The news of Stivo’s financial struggles saddened many Kenyans, sparking discussions and concerns about his well-being. However, Eric Omondi’s intervention and promise of collaboration with other popular artists, including Ngesh, has given hope to Stivo Simple Boy and his supporters.

Stivo Simple Boy, with his unique musical style and inspiring lyrics, had captured the hearts of many Kenyans. However, the recent revelation by his wife, Grace, about his financial difficulties left fans concerned about the rapper’s welfare. Grace’s confession shed light on the challenges Stivo was facing, particularly his struggle to provide food for the family.

Stivo and his wife, Grace
Stivo and his wife, Grace

During this trying time, Grace turned to prayer, seeking divine intervention to alleviate her husband’s financial burden. Recognizing Eric Omondi’s influence and his position within the entertainment industry, Grace directed her prayers towards Eric, hoping for his visit to their home and his support.

News of Stivo Simple Boy’s financial struggles reached Eric Omondi, a well-known comedian and entertainer in Kenya. Touched by Stivo’s plight, Eric wasted no time in extending a helping hand. He promptly purchased food for the struggling rapper and assured him of his support during this challenging period.

Furthermore, Eric Omondi expressed his desire to collaborate with Stivo Simple Boy, which has brought renewed optimism and excitement to the rapper and his fans. The promise of a collaboration with Ngesh, a popular artist, among others, has generated anticipation within the Kenyan music industry and among Stivo’s supporters.

Eric Omondi, the rescue man
Eric Omondi, the rescue man

Stivo Simple Boy’s journey as an artist resonated deeply with many Kenyans, as he tackled social issues and challenges faced by the youth through his music. His music has served as a voice for the marginalized and has garnered a significant following.

The revelation of Stivo’s financial struggles prompted a wave of empathy and concern from the Kenyan public. The subsequent intervention by Eric Omondi not only provided immediate relief but also sparked a conversation about the importance of supporting local artists during their times of need.

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