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Gravity Firmly Warns Media Personality Frank Amid Defamation And Privacy Invasion


Ugandan rapper and songwriter, Gravity Omutujju, has issued a stern warning to media personality Frank Ntambi following a series of defamatory remarks and the violation of his family’s privacy. The warning comes in response to Frank Ntambi’s recent confession, where he alleged that the rapper had been engaging in inappropriate behavior with his wife, Sharua Nakanyike.

During the press conference, Gravity Omutujju addressed the media and the public with a calm yet assertive tone. He began by expressing his disappointment and frustration with the ongoing defamation campaign that has been targeted at both him and his family. The rapper made it clear that he has never engaged in any inappropriate behavior with Frank Ntambi’s wife or any other person’s spouse, for that matter. He strongly believes that the allegations being made against him are baseless and without any evidence.

Gravity emphasized the importance of respecting privacy, especially when it comes to matters concerning one’s family. He reminded Frank Ntambi that he, too, has a family that deserves privacy and protection from unwarranted intrusions. The rapper urged the media personality to let go of his unfounded claims and to refrain from dragging his family’s name through the mud without any concrete proof.

Sharua Nakanyike, Gravity's wife
Sharua Nakanyike, Gravity’s wife

Addressing Frank Ntambi directly, Gravity said, “I have never done anything to disrespect or dishonor your family, and I expect the same treatment in return. It is unfair and unjust to spread false rumors about me and my wife. Your actions have not only caused harm to my reputation but have also affected my family’s well-being.”

Gravity Omutujju made it clear that he believes in the power of truth and urged Frank Ntambi to present any evidence he may have to substantiate his claims. The rapper stated that he is open to a civilized and respectful discussion, should Frank have any legitimate concerns. However, if Frank continues with his defamation and refuses to respect his family’s privacy, Gravity warned that he would not hesitate to take matters into his own hands.

He concluded by saying, “I hope that we can resolve this matter amicably and put an end to these damaging rumors. I call on you, Frank Ntambi, to act responsibly and refrain from spreading baseless allegations. But should you persist, I will have no choice but to protect my family and my reputation single-handedly.”

As of now, the situation remains tense, and both parties are urged to handle the matter with the utmost maturity and professionalism. Gravity Omutujju’s firm warning should serve as a reminder to the media industry at large that defamation and privacy invasion have severe consequences.

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